Couch potato: what to watch online this week

Posted at 6:15 pm, February 19, 2012 in TV

Treeless MountainNasty weather keeping you in? Curl up with a lap top, (or desktop for that matter) for our top five online selections…

Korean auteur So Young Kim’s stunning autumnal heartbreaker about family breakdown, ‘Treeless Mountain’ (above), is available until Feb 19.

Writer and actress Jessie Cave trails the stand-up and ‘Popworld’ alumnus with a video diary as he begins his second stand-up tour, ‘Numb’.

On-trend music videos and fun band interviews galore at this team up between Vice TV and YouTube.

There’s never a bad time to rewatch ‘The Adam and Joe Show’: all four series featuring the sketches ‘Star Wars TV’, ‘Vinyl Justice’ and ‘BaaadDad’ are on 4od now.

As series two returns, FX launches a free carnage prediction app, so users play along live as the bodycount rises. Uses audio watermark tech, we’re told.

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