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Five ways to celebrate World Goth Day

Posted at 4:00 pm, May 22, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment, Music & Nightlife
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OK, I’ll admit it. I was a teenage goth. But before you try and take the piss – I am not ashamed. It was a great – the music was dark, the clothes were darker, the clubs were filthy, Camden was my playground and my make up skills were second to none. I was never as hardcore as many of my gothic bredren (and I flitted between alternative genres) but these days, I still see myself as a ‘mature goth’ and so I am proud to inform you all that today is World Goth Day. Yes, that exists. Go on, make a joke about it being sunny and how all the goths must be cowering indoors. I dare you. But keep your jibes to yourself as today is all about celebrating the goth scene and, in fact, all alternative groups. Do it for your lost rebellious youth or your repressed adult self. Do it for the goth you always wanted to be. Do it for all those times you were ridiculed for wearing something silly. Or just use it as a good excuse to explore a slightly darker side of London…

Book yourself on to a cemetery walk
Seize the gothic momentum and take a walk around a cemetery. On the last Sunday of every month, there is a two hour guided tour of Nunhead Cemetery with over 1,000 gnarly and ivy-covered gravestones, which make for a surprisingly romantic stroll.

Shop in Illamasqua
Bright colours, bold looks and serious staying powering – this is the grown-up goth make up brand of choice. All the amazing colours, glitters, dark eyeliner and pale foundation of your youth, but actually damn good quality. They ‘ll teach you how to create amazing new looks and they also give money to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation which works to stamp out intolerance and discrimination in society. Plus if you head down to Carnaby Shopping Party on Thursday May 31, there’s 20% off.

Support your local goth club night
This is the perfect chance to remind yourself how much you love dressing up gothy and going out dancing. Slimelight in Electrowerkz is still going strong or if you really want to push the boat out, get tickets to the next Torture Garden on Saturday June 2. If you want something depressive but not too scary, there is always the old faithful Feeling Gloomy.

Drink with the goths
A gothic watering hole is a wonderful thing for those of an ‘alternative’ persuasion. Be at one with your crew, listen to your tunes and get good and pissed. Try the new Intrepid Fox by Centre Point, the classic Purple Turtle in Camden or Soho’s Garlic and Shots.

Go to a neo-goth gig
Those of the real gothic persuasion will scoff at these choices but if you aren’t quite ready to put on your black lace/velvet and get sweaty at Torture Garden, these might be more up your alley. Check out upcoming gigs from synthy goth-popster Grimes (apparently she falls under the new genres of witch house and grave wave!), Scando electro-goths Niki and the Dove,  psych black-wearers The Horrors or old school classic goths The Cult. Sonya Barber

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