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Pets lost in London: have you seen these missing cats and dogs?

Posted at 2:15 pm, November 17, 2014 in News
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London’s a big city for a small pet to get lost in – but with all of you guys on the look-out these cats and dogs stand a much better chance of getting found. Get in touch if you spot any of them.

Henry (Pictured above)

Henry is a very friendly six-year-old brown Labrador of average/large build. He was last seen at his home in Royal Hill, Greenwich. Seen him? Contact Georgia Beales on 07944253547.


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Miniature dachshund Freddie is ten weeks old and went missing from Wakehurst Road in Clapham on November 12. Contact @AlexaGarthwaite on Twitter if you find him.



Pepper is young and timid, and doesn’t usually venture far from home in Canary Wharf. She has distinctive white, black, and ginger colouring. She has been missing since Sunday evening (Nov 9) and currently has a grey collar, but lost her tag last week so carries no owner contact details (but she is microchipped).  If you have any information please contact Emma Ward on 07747618741 or emma.ward.ac@gmail.com.

Mr Bundas Brown

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Mr Bundas Brown is a six-year-old Bengal-Siamese cat with green eyes. He has a scar on his nose and a nick on his left ear. He went missing in Tooting in October and is chipped. Call 07951727330 if you see him.

Grey cat

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This fluffy cat went missing from Rectory Lane in Tooting on November 10. Contact Kathy Kavan on Twitter @kathykavan if you spot it.

If your furry (or scaly) friend goes missing, let us know at katelloyd@timeout.com and we’ll include it in our weekly round-up.

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