Have your say on the Bakerloo line extension

Posted at 5:30 pm, September 30, 2014 in News, Transport
bakerloo line extension

It’s official – the Bakerloo line is getting an upgrade and you can help to decide where it will go. Read the full post…

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Londoners use graffiti to tackle UKIP slogans

Posted at 4:30 pm, September 30, 2014 in News
cath graffiti

I’m no activist. I have been on two marches in my life. So when the alarm went off on Sunday, I rolled over back to sleep. Tipsily plotting to graffiti a UKIP poster is fun. Being shocked awake at 5.30am not so much. Then my friend texted: ‘are you here yet?’ So I guiltily cycled to Old Street, past slinky foxes owning the backstreets, to be ladder-holder and looker-outer on a four-woman mission. Read the full post…

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Like our Benedict Cumberbatch cover? You’ll love our GIF from the shoot

Posted at 3:30 pm, September 30, 2014 in Fun London

Apparently today’s Time Out cover might have caused a bit of a frenzy in certain online fan circles. Featuring the steely gaze and chiselled cheeks of Benedict Cumberbatch, it’s left Cumber-lovers around the world weak at the knees.

Read the full post…

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Ape & Bird: find out what we made of Russell Norman’s revamped pub

Posted at 3:15 pm, September 30, 2014 in Food & Drink
ape & bird

Russell Norman – ‘The Restaurant Man’ of the recent BBC Two series – doesn’t always have the magic touch. His Ape & Bird gastropub in Cambridge Circus opened to a slow clap of approval back in December 2013; after we visited it three times, our critics awarded it a mere two stars out of five. A new chef was hired to buck things up a few months later. But in July Ape & Bird closed, was repainted outside, given a spring clean inside and had a pizza oven installed. The British menu has been abandoned in favour of a tried and tested Polpo approach, with pizza. But how is it now?

Has this turned its fortunes around? Read our review of Ape & Bird to find out, or take a look at what we think of Polpo Soho.

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The UK’s most expensive home is in London (and it’s not even been built yet)

Posted at 1:30 pm, September 30, 2014 in News

© British Land

A Mayfair penthouse has become the most expensive home sold in the UK – and it’s not even been built yet. The Clarges Estate pad is costing one buyer a ‘substantial margin’ more than the previous record of £5,000 per square foot (which was also set in Mayfair – no surprise there).

Read the full post…

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Have a snoop around London’s coolest offices (including Time Out’s!) at OpenCo

Posted at 12:30 pm, September 30, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Free, Fun London, News
Leadenhall Building © Ben Rowe

If you enjoyed the recent return of Open House Weekend but thought the whole thing could’ve done with more photocopiers, ping pong tables and people brainstorming the shit out of things, we’ve got just the event for you. Read the full post…

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Your chance to eat a human meat burger in London today

Posted at 11:00 am, September 30, 2014 in Food & Drink
human burger

London’s great at burgers. We’ve got fancy confit duck burgers, proper American patties, sloppy chilli burgers, the list goes on. Today (September 30) ‘Messhead’ are pushing those burger limits with their human burger pop-up on Columbia Road. Yes, you read that right. Read the full post…

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Snap up tickets to the UK Rock Paper Scissors Championships

Posted at 10:00 am, September 30, 2014 in Fun London

To some, Rock Paper Scissors is just a playground game, or a way to decide who gets the next round in. To others, it’s a way of life. If you’re in  the latter camp, you urgently need to pick up some tickets for the 8th UK Rock Paper Scissors Championships. Read the full post…

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What would you do if you were Mayor for the day?

Posted at 8:00 am, September 30, 2014 in Fun London
Post-it note confessions

C’mon we’ve all thought about it. You + City Hall = unlimited possibilities. Don’t be shy, tell us below.

Read the full post…

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In this week’s Time Out Magazine…

Posted at 6:00 pm, September 29, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment
Time Out Magazine

In this week’s magazine, Benedict Cumberbatch talks swapping clue-solving for code-cracking as he takes on his new role as Alan Turing in ‘The Imitation Game’.

Read the full post…

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This King’s Cross dog is probably 110 percent happier than you right now

Posted at 5:30 pm, September 29, 2014 in Fun London

What did you see on your way to work this morning? The clammy walls of the Central line? A grumbling commuter with a toothpaste stain on his tie? Last week, Central Saint Martins worker Martha Bellingham saw THIS dog bounding through a fountain near King’s Cross. And, while it might not be the most beautiful or dramatic sight, it certainly beat 99.9 percent of commute views.

Read the full post…

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Lee Evans is back in town – here’s our review of ‘Monsters’

Posted at 4:30 pm, September 29, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment
lee evans

Rubber-faced sweat-machine Lee Evans played his first London solo show for three years last week, settling in to the O2 for a six-night stint. Time Out was there – luckily, not seated in the splash zone. So was it a funny beast? Or all bark and no bite?

Read our full review here and add your thoughts if you’ve seen the show.

To see more great comedy shows taking place this month, click here.

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