This video about London’s aviation history is funnier than it has any right to be

Posted at 1:45 pm, July 30, 2014 in Fun London, Transport
Unfinished London

Why was London’s fourth airport built before London’s third airport? Why should the proposed Boris Island airport really be known as the Justice Baron Eustace Wentworth Roskill airport? And why am I asking you all these questions?
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Keep the home fires burning: London marks the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI

Posted at 12:30 pm, July 30, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment
© Flickr: Paul Wilkinson
© Flickr: Paul Wilkinson

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, nearly 900,000 ceramic poppies are being planted in the Tower of London moat. ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’ is an installation by artist Paul Cummins and designer Tom Piper and consists of 888,246 flowers (one for each British or Colonial military fatality). The last one will be planted on Remembrance Day, November 11, and they’re looking for volunteers to help. Read the full post…

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London invaded by electricity-loving SUPER ANTS (yes, really)

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Forget alien invasions and comic book villains, London’s under attack from a new real-life threat: ASIAN SUPER ANTS. Read the full post…

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It’s a mug’s game: tricks of a charity mugger

Posted at 8:00 am, July 30, 2014 in Fun London, News
Charity chugger

Who’d be a charity mugger? Andy Hill, for one. A former street fundraiser himself, he reveals some top trade secrets. Read the full post…

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Time Out moves office after 20 years

Posted at 6:00 pm, July 29, 2014 in Fun London
Time Out Towers

Last week Time Out moved office. Read the full post…

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Record breaking line of human Tetris and massive Sherlock mob

Posted at 4:45 pm, July 29, 2014 in Fun London, News
sherlock holmes

Last week, London was like an episode of ‘Record Breakers’. Albeit minus Kriss Akabusi. In honour of Books About Town’s month of installing book-shaped benches across London, 113 Sherlock Holmes fans gathered at UCL to set a world record for the most people dressed as the fictional detective. Read the full post…

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Peculiar plane’s perplexing path perturbs Peckham pedestrians; possible police purpose proposed

Posted at 3:30 pm, July 29, 2014 in News, Secret London
Mystery Plane over London

[Photo: FlightRadar24]

A mystery plane was seen flying around and around south London last Wednesday. With no call-sign, the anonymous aircraft spent several hours following quite the bonkers flypath over Lewisham, prompting SPECULATION, as this is not the first time such activity has been observed over London’s skies. Read the full post…

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Sound clash: Channel One Sound System under threat

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Notting Hill Carnival 2013-

Every year at Notting Hill Carnival, you’ll see happy punters bopping along to the low-slung peace-and-love grooves at Channel One Sound System in Westbourne Park Road. Except this year, maybe you won’t. Read the full post…

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Photo of the day: bunny on a bus

Posted at 1:45 pm, July 29, 2014 in Fun London, Photos of London

bunny on a bus, london.  photo: interceptor

Spotted on the 55 by Laura, the significant other of Redditor interceptor: a bunny in a basket with a basketball on a bus.

Look at its fluffy little ears! Awww. Read the full post…

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Cheap thrills: great gigs this week for a tenner or less

Posted at 12:45 pm, July 29, 2014 in Music & Nightlife

Fancy some live music this week? Not so keen on shelling out? Our music team has picked these top gigs that won’t set you back more than a few quid – two of them are even totally free. Read the full post…

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Seven of the best pop-ups happening this week in London

Posted at 10:00 am, July 29, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Food & Drink, Fun London

eat chic cafe

London sure loves a good pop-up. Whether you want to dine a mile high, watch a film in a backyard or get creative in a café, this week’s tip-top pop-ups have got it covered. Read the full post…

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And in today’s Time Out magazine…

Posted at 7:30 am, July 29, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment
Time Out Magazine

So we all live in London, but are we really living here?! Have you been to all the amazing parks, world-class museums, award-winning restaurants, hilarious attractions and brilliant markets this city has to offer? If not, now’s your chance as in today’s Time Out Magazine we’ve compiled a list of 101 things that you need to do to call yourself a proper Londoner. This should sort out your weekend plans for the next few months at least!

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