Ten very important celebrity panto appearances

Posted at 2:15 pm, December 15, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment

1. Jerry Hall

Starring as: The Wicked Queen in ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ at Richmond Theatre.

Most famous for: Being a supermodel babe for 50 years and marrying Mick Jagger.

What to expect: As anyone who watched Jerry’s 2005 TV search for a kept man will know: she’s going to be sasstastic.

Should I be excited? Of course.  Read the full post…

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Six of the best sizzling street foods to scoff this Winter

Posted at 1:00 pm, December 15, 2014 in Food & Drink

the cheese truck

Get ready for some serious hunger pangs as we divulge six of London’s best street eats.

Cropwell Bishop Stilton and pear chutney toastie
Hackney Wick Turntables
The street-food offerings at new free pop-up party Turntables are strong: a true foodie fest of tempting traders are ready and waiting to ruin your dinner. But the snack that rules over them all has to be the crisp, oozing, too-hot-to-handle sandwich from The Cheese Truck. Yes, it’s all about the Cropwell Bishop Stilton, bacon and pear chutney triple threat. Turntables, 119 Wallis Rd, London E9 5LN.  Various dates December 5 -20.  5pm- 11.30pm. Read the full post…

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49 brilliant things happening in London this week

Jet Nepomuceno[Photo: Jet Nepomuceno]

Hey lucky Londoners, this week’s got fun written all over it! Get romantic at Borough Market with a mass kiss-a-thon, have a rejuvenating boogie at Morning Gloryville or immerse yourself in Pipoletti Rist’s installation at Hauser & Wirth. Here are all the coolest things happening in London this week…

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Tim Burton-a-Thon, ‘National Lampoon’s Xmas Vacation’, ‘Brazil’ and other film fun happening this week

Posted at 10:15 am, December 15, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment
© Brazil / British Film Institute

Each week, we round up the most exciting film events happening in London over the coming week, from pop-ups and one-offs to regular film clubs, outdoor screenings and festivals. Here’s this week’s top five… Read the full post…

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It’s time you appreciated the lovely tiles on the Victoria line

Posted at 8:15 am, December 15, 2014 in Design, Fun London, Transport
Victoria Line

As you are whisked from Walthamstow to Brixton on the trusty Victoria line, do you ever stop to appreciate the lovely tiles nestled in the seat alcoves of each station? If not, it’s about time you did. When the V line opened in 1969, each stop was given a unique visual identity with a special tile motif. Artists and designers created individual designs to reflect the name of the station and history of the area. So for example, the one above at Brixton station was designed by Hans Unger and is a visual pun on bricks. Duh. Read the full post…

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Overheard in London: this week’s #wordonthestreet

Posted at 5:30 pm, December 14, 2014 in Fun London


Every week you share the weird things you’ve overheard in London. Above, a few perplexing snippets from the past seven days – don’t forget to tweet us your own!

Like Word on the Street? We’ve now made a book of these little beauties! ‘Word on the Street: Ridiculous Things We’ve Overheard in London’ is out now, £6.99. To buy a copy, visit: timeout.com/wotsbook​.

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Man vs Santa charity mince pie eating contest

Posted at 3:30 pm, December 14, 2014 in Food & Drink, Fun London
mince pies

Santa’s clearly the reigning champ when it comes to eating mince pies – he gets through millions on Christmas Eve alone, for goodness sake! But anyone who reckons they might come a close second can demonstrate their prodigious pastry partaking prowess at the Man vs Santa contest. This charity challenge at The Hand in Hand pub asks participants to put away as many mince pies as they can in just three minutes. As well as a place on the pub’s wall of fame and eternal gorging glory, the winner will be given 60 seconds behind the bar to pull as much draught as they can plus a local brewery tour to enjoy with five friends. The proceeds go to Merton Mencap and everyone who takes part gets a Santa hat. Bring your own indigestion remedies. By Stephanie Hartman

The Hand in Hand, 6 Crooked Billet, SW19 4RQ. youngs.co.uk. Email handinhand@youngs.co.uk to register. Mon Dec 15, 8pm-9pm. £2.

Or make dreams come true with a crowdfunding Christmas.

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Where to buy a Middle Eastern feast in London

Posted at 12:30 pm, December 14, 2014 in Food & Drink

persepolis© Britta Jaschinski


Sally Butcher has created a Persian pocket in Peckham, bringing the flavours of Middle Eastern and Levantine cooking to south-east London. Specialist foodstuffs and a lovely café to boot. 28-30 Peckham High St, SE15 5DT. Peckham Rye Overground.  Read the full post…

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What’s the worst present you’ve ever been given?

Posted at 10:30 am, December 14, 2014 in Fun London
Post-it note confessions

From the dull to the ACTUALLY WTF?! – we’ve all received a gift that’s been plain terrible. Maybe your grandma wrapped up all her old nick-nacks and put them in your stocking. Maybe your girlfriend gave you a set of scales, a diet book and a knowing look. You might have pretended to love it at the time, but now it’s time to reveal all. We promise we won’t tell. Read the full post…

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The UK’s first dedicated e-sports arena to open in London

Posted at 5:30 pm, December 13, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, News
 E sports

You’ve all heard of e-sports, right? No? It’s video gaming as a spectator sport. Players compete against each other on stage, with big screens showing what’s on their monitors to the audience, while a live commentary is broadcast. It is so popular that in South Korea a competition final sold out a 46,000-seater stadium in under a minute, while tens of millions of viewers also watch online. Oh, and e-sports has nothing to do with taking ecstasy. As of March, London is set to get the UK’s first dedicated e-sports arena. Gfinity is a UK company who currently organises gaming tournaments for ‘Halo’, ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘Fifa’, and broadcasts them online to audiences of around ten million. It’s currently engaged in scouring the capital for a venue. Read the full post…

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Have afternoon tea with the cast of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’

Posted at 3:30 pm, December 13, 2014 in Arts & Entertainment, Music & Nightlife

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

As far as Christmassy events go, this one has all of the crucial elements: plenty of food, fancy sparkly surroundings and jovial singing and entertainment from the cast of a massive West End hit musical.  Read the full post…

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Too cool for Yule? Do your Xmas shopping at these alternative markets and pop-ups

Posted at 12:30 pm, December 13, 2014 in Fun London, Shopping & Style

So, mulled wine and felt ornaments aren’t edgy enough for you? Katie Rosseinsky suggests some indie markets and pop-ups offering fashion and gifts with a bit more attitude. Read the full post…

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