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First images of Peter Strickland’s ‘Berberian Sound Studio’

Posted at 7:00 am, May 1, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment

© Jack English, Courtesy of Illuminations/Warp XTime Out recently visited the set of ‘Berberian Sound Studio’, the forthcoming film by British director Peter Strickland, who wowed audiences in 2009 with his brilliant, self-funded, Romanian-set revenge drama, ‘Katalin Varga’. This new film is a very different beast: set in ’70s Italy, it tells of a lonely foley artist (played by Toby Jones) and the strange happenings that occur during the post-production of a shlocky, low budget horror movie. Here are the first stills of Jones in the lead role; to say we’re excited to see how this one turns out is an understatement.

Want to find out more about Peter Strickland? Check out his blog: peterstrickland.blogspot.com

© Jack English, Courtesy of Illuminations/Warp X

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