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Blue’s greatest hits: an inside look at the band ahead of Eurovision

Posted at 4:00 pm, May 13, 2011 in Music & Nightlife

BlueWe’re rapidly approaching the annual kitsch-fest that is Eurovision and this year the UK’s represented by Blue (boo!). However, this doesn’t just mean that pop music is now staggering under the weight of four minds whose cumulative IQ hasn’t been seen since the days of ‘Pinky And Perky’s Pop Parade’. It also means a slew of embarrassing stories being dredged up around their mawkish entry, ‘I Can’ (which failed to make BBC radio playlists). There’s Antony Costa urinating on a cash machine, Lee Ryan’s fansite closing down because its founders are ‘no longer Lee Ryan fans’, and  the band threatening to do a Phil Collins and leave the country if they don’t win Eurovision. There’s also a chance to relive some of Ryan’s most elegant pearls of wisdom. Makes ya feel bladdy prahd to be a Brit, dunnit?

Eurovision Song Contest 2011 is on BBC1 tomorrow at 8pm. Love (or hate) Eurovision? Don’t miss tonight’s Alternative Eurovision.

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