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Snoop Dogg gets down with the kids

Posted at 5:00 pm, May 18, 2011 in Music & Nightlife

© Time OutDon’t let anyone tell you that Snoop Dogg isn’t totally relevant to the youth of today. After all, yesterday he held a press conference in a lap dancing club. And what 16-year-old isn’t familiar with sitting in a diamante throne, eyeballing vacant flesh wobblers? Plus, Snoop banged on about his friendship with Charlie Sheen. Obviously, there’s no more common teen experience than making bad rap with an egomaniacal, recovering drug addict whose sex life is straight out of a Motley Crue autobiography (see video below). Except possibly, for banging on about how he’s so big he could launch his own chain of ‘Snoopermarkets’. So clearly he still talks to the kids – as our correspondent found out when he asked how Snoop responds to the suggestion that a hip hop scene full of 40-year-olds rapping about Gucci doesn’t really strike a chord with today’s youth. ‘Hip hop is in a great place. Those who have something negative to say about it: suck a fat baby’s d**k.’ Charming. Still, it does sound like something a surly teen would say. So maybe he has a point…

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