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Hulk Hogan lays down the law to UK’s youth rioters

Posted at 11:30 am, August 10, 2011 in News

Hulk Hogan talks about London riotsFormer WCW wrestler, film actor and reality TV star Hulk ‘Hulkster’ Hogan used his airtime during a BBC Radio 5 Live interview with Richard Bacon yesterday to issue a stern statement to the UK’s young rioters. Speaking almost entirely in the third-person, Hogan claimed that the UK government needed to act more positively in order to ‘change their thinking in a positive direction and break the cycle’. Speaking from Orlando’s Universal Studios in Florida, the Hulkster confirmed that the UK-wide riots had been a key talking point throughout the US media and that the American public were ‘praying for you guys’.  Despite speculating about a trip to London in order to ‘bodyslam’ rioters as he did arch-rival wrestler Andre the Giant back in the 1990s, the ‘Mr. Nanny’ star was adamant that understanding the reasons behind the recent epidemic of looting and vandalism, followed by a new approach to handling the UK’s disenchanted youth, would be key to ensuring that events are not repeated. The Hulk signed off by stating that he loved his UK ‘Hulkamaniacs’.

Listen to the Hulk’s phone interview with BBC Radio 5 Live’s Richard Bacon below:

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