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London riots: ‘Where’s your broom?’ – London comes together for #riotcleanup

Posted at 6:30 pm, August 10, 2011 in News

Following the past nights of intense rioting and looting on the streets of the capital, London’s communities came together today and yesterday – brooms in hand – to personally take charge of the clean-up operation. Organised through Twitter and other social media platforms (as used by rioters to coordinate acts of vandalism and public disorder over the weekend and Monday) – the hashtag #riotcleanup quickly shot to the top of Twitters trends list as Londoners joined together in defiance of the recent trouble. Even Mayor Boris Johnson (somewhat reluctantly) joined in after catcalls of ‘Where’s your broom’ from a large crowd of volunteers at the previously besieged Clapham Junction (above). This current display of solidarity is yet more can see that the capital’s community spirit is still alive and well.

Follow #riotcleanup on Twitter for the latest news; For info about future clean-up operations in the capital and the rest of the UK, visit riotcleanup.com.

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