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Floating Forest eco-ferries drift over to Folly for a Flyover in Hackney Wick

Posted at 10:00 am, August 12, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment

Floating Forest in east London on canalas and rivers © Mary MullanFloating Forest – a fleet of foliage-inspired boats – has recently been making its way around the canals and rivers of London’s East End. So far these 2 floating vesslels – the mounds of grass and wood named RootLounge and BoweredGlade – have visited Shoreditch Festival and Hackney WickED, and will drift to Folly for a Flyover café, cinema and activity space this weekend. The boats are an interactive odyssey; once on board, guests are invited to proffer a question to The Floating Forest Oracle and make a wish. Put cynicism aside and go with the flow.

For info, see thekindest.org/floatingforest and atmosstudio.com.

Floating Forest on east london canals and rivers © Mary Mullan

Watch The Floating Forest in action here:

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