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Celebrity Big Brother crash lands on to Channel 5

Posted at 6:00 pm, August 19, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment

Celebrity Big Brother on FiveDisappointed by the Z-list inanity of this year’s ‘CBB’ contestants? Then you’re an idiot. What did you expect? That it was going to be good? Let us be clear. This series is not about the show’s quality or keeping the fans happy. It is about desperately keeping a flagging format going, no matter what the cost, because doing so means more viewers than Channel 5 could manage even if they broadcast live footage of Elvis rounding up a herd of unicorns. While riding the Loch Ness Monster. Channel 5 knows that ‘BB’ stays on air, there’s a baseline of hardcore fans who’ll tune in. Even if it grinds the show into the ground, Channel 5 is hoping that there are some idiots who will watch. By tuning in, you make yourself one of those idiots. Show some respect to the show’s memory. Don’t bother.

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