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London Fashion Week: 10 tips on how to get noticed at the shows

Posted at 1:00 pm, September 16, 2011 in Shopping & Style

We asked make-up artist and bloggers’ favourite Banny G to plunder her eclectic wardrobe to illustrate how one might best get noticed/papped/hailed as a style icon by fashion bloggers around the globe at a fashion show. She shares her tips (which correspond with each pic below):

1.Wear some form of Edwardian period costume. Ideally, dress as a chimney sweep without the soot – with a waistcoat and weathered knobbly boots.
2. Wear trousers* slightly too short in order to expose an inch of ‘statement sock’ – these can be an usual colour, or an exuberant print, or even odd. But never black.
banny g
3. Wear one item that is silly. A necklace of beads the size of tennis balls – or a necklace made of tennis balls.
4. If you’re a girl, wear mannish shoes, like brogues. If you’re a man, wear spats.

banny g
5. Wear a piece of statement millinery. Something a bit like the sorting hat from Harry Potter is ideal.
6. Wear colours somewhere between two shades that could be easily named. So not yellow, but chartreuse. Not purple, but bruise.
7. Carry a miscellaneous item that is not a bag, that is serving the purposes of a bag. A bicycle basket, say, a child’s lunch box or a violin case.

banny g
8. With rings and watches, way too much is never enough. Layer your wrists and fingers with an arsenal of weighty accoutrements of at least half your body weight.
9. The thickness of the shoe or boots is inversely proportional to the thickness of the leg. Thus very skinny models should wear shoes like tractors.

banny g

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