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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Or is it the NASA satellite?

Posted at 1:00 pm, September 26, 2011 in News

Nasa satellite lands in surbitonYou may have heard all the speculation over the weekend about debris from NASA’s Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) landing in Canada or the Pacific Ocean or Africa. Time Out can confirm that it actually landed somewhere near Surbiton early on Saturday morning. The remnants of the UARS, which experts claim might have weighted up to half a tonne, were spotted by local resident Paul Roberts, glowing white in the evening sky. Mr Burton filmed the trace left by the fragments and sent it in to The Daily Telegraph. Residents of Surbiton, a town normally associated with ‘The Good Life’, commuters and general tedium, are delighted that a cosmic event may have put them on the map for an international audience. Time Out travel editor, Chris Moss, a Surbiton resident, said he was ‘thrilled to bits’ about the news, but pointed out that the many planes heading into and out of Heathrow leave similar contrails every day in the Surbiton skies.

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