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Fashion blogger Sunday Girl nominates her favourite London hang-outs

Posted at 10:30 am, October 2, 2011 in Shopping & Style

sunday girl bloggerThe new season is upon us and, with it, the need to update the winter wardrobe. Need a little venue inspiration? Sunday Girl (aka Jade Williams, above) – who launches a range of clothing with Firetrap this season – shares her favourite London hotspots with Time Out: ideal for stylish Sunday shopping.

Maison Trois Garçons (below), owned by the owners of Les Trois Garçons, is a complete find. Nothing is in my price bracket but I leave feeling so inspired.

VV Rouleaux is filled with treasures. I always have a ‘project’ and the starting point for many of them has been this incredible ribbon shop. Recently I went in for a browse and ended up with string of pompoms. I took them home and was inspired to turn an old jumper into a throw-cushion.

The Parlour @ Sketch
 is where I go when I want an afternoon of being lazy! The decor is a beautiful mixture of new and old. To me, it’s like sitting in an art gallery, there’s so much to look at! I love their food, the attention to detail on everything you order; it’s a very decadent way to waste an afternoon.

The Pet Shop at Harrods is the don of pet shops, and somewhere I would always visit with my mum. I still love going there. All the animals seen so happy,  you can see they are really well looked after. I’ve yet to buy an animal from there (although once I had 14 pets at home!) but I have picked up a few very extravagant accessories.

The Last Tuesday Society is an old-fashioned, Victorian-style curiosity shop in Hackney with an incredible selection of odd bits and bobs like science posters, taxidermy, plastic body parts. It’s sinister yet somehow soft around the edges. Lots of the pieces in here inspired my collection for Firetrap which I wanted to be feminine but with a dark edge.

Dans Le Noir? is where you eat a mystery meal in a dark room. On my first visit I was sure my eyes would adjust to the dark, but they never did. Eating in the dark was an experience I will not forget. It all tasted great, but wouldn’t have been able to guess what I was eating until they announced to us at the end.

Maison Trois Garcons

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