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Time Out exclusively previews the Apple iPhone 4S

Posted at 7:00 am, October 12, 2011 in News

iphone 4SThe new iPhone is here – at last – and Time Out had early access to it. The good news is that the one area where the last iPhone wasn’t strong (call quality) has been fixed with an antenna that is now impressively reliable and effective. The better news is that the additions are all worth having, from the 8-megapixel camera which has almost no shutter lag to Siri, the accomplished voice recognition tool which is good now but will be even better in months to come. The iPhone 4S has a super-fast chip, borrowed from the iPad, so apps launch instantaneously, web pages build quickly and more. The new software includes iCloud, a great way of keeping your contacts, calendars, music and videos in sync across multiple machines. Sounds complicated, but isn’t. This is everything the iPhone 4 should have been and much more.

For info, see apple.com/uk.

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