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Picture a world where ‘The Only Way is Dalston’

Posted at 3:30 pm, October 12, 2011 in News

Jaguar ShoesHot on the heels of geo-specific freakshows ‘Ruddy Yonkers It’s Chelsea’ and ‘Fackin’ Essex, Innit?’, Vice have reported that MTV are basing a similar effort in Dalston (with auditions already taking place at Jaguar Shoes, above). Apparently it will ‘nurture innovative flair’ and help participants to ‘showcase [their] unique ideas’. Which makes it sound a bit like a hipster ‘Apprentice’. Oh, just imagine it. Shock! As consumers prove resistant to neon coffins. Drama! As Saffy doesn’t get G-list to Passing Clouds. Hilarity! As it turns out that none of them are actually creatives, but need a better justification for their faux-mo than ‘I’m a narcissistic student’. Well, it’ll probably be like… erm, well: Nathan Barley. Can’t wait.

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