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Get grossed out by London’s top 5 gory street names

Posted at 12:00 pm, October 16, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment

Bleeding Heart Yard © Time Out Cold, dark nights are creeping in: it’s an ideal time to be creeped out with the goriest street names in the city. Bishopsgate’s Houndsditch first appeared in the 13th century as a ditch renowned for its queue of rubbish and dead dogs on their way to to the Channel. Cut Throat Alley in Richmond leads from Ham Road onto Melancholy Walk. The functionally-monikered throughfare Headstone Road in Harrow is home to the ghosts of London’s undertakers of yore. If you’re looking for some class with your creep, head to Shoot Up Hill, connecting Kilburn and Cricklewood. Bleeding Heart Yard is a courtyard off Farringdon Road which apparently commemorates the murder of Lord William Hatton’s second wife Lady Elizabeth, who disappeared from a ball in 1626 with a mystery Spaniard and was found the next morning, her body torn limb from limb, but with her heart still pumping blood onto the cobblestones. However, The University of Delaware’s Trey Philpotts argues that the courtyard’s namesake is taken from a nearby Reformation pub sign, portraying the Virgin Mary’s heart pierced by 5 swords. Fact or fiction, it’s delightfully creepy all the same.

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