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The clocks are going back: make the most of your extra hour

Posted at 6:00 pm, October 29, 2011 in News

Wacky Wakers Alarm Clock for when the clocks go backThere is never enough time. As we rush around our frantic London lives, what could be more of a beautiful gift than one hour of pure unadulterated free time? Yes, it means that summer is long gone, the days will get dark horribly early and it will feel like midnight when you leave work, but for now, rejoice in that extra 60 minutes of time this Sunday. Here are a few ideas of ways to spend it to get you started.

Map of LondonTravel across London
It often takes a good hour to get across London so why not use the time to travel to a far flung corner of the city you would never normally visit? North Londoner’s, get down to the Horniman Museum. Eastenders, take a trip to Notting Hill. West folks, explore the developing delights of Stratford. South Londoner’s, ever been to Alexandra Palace?

Wah! NailsPamper yourself
What better way to spend an hour than getting a well-deserved relaxing manicure, massage, facial etc.

Learn something
This could be the first day of the rest of your life. Make the most of it by enriching your mind or body by taking a class.

London's best breakfasts and brunches

Eat an extra meal
You can eat a lot in 60 minutes so why not add in an  extra meal and take yourself out for a nice brunch or tea (in between your usual breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Reclaim the hour you lost on March 25
Technically you are only really getting back the hour you lost at the start of the summer. What did you miss out on that day? Make up for it now.

Halloween parties in London

Keep on partying for Halloween
As this is the weekend of spooky parties, why not keep the party going for one more hour.

Knitting Club

Make something
Bake a cake, knit something, do some DIY. If it all goes wrong, you won’t have lost anything.

ScrabbleDo something you would never normally do (but probably used to)
Break out the fondue set, play a board game, write a letter. The possibilities are endless.

British MuseumSee the highlights of the British Museum
You can catch most of the good stuff in an hour we reckon.

Hush Eye maskSleep
Despite our bets efforts this is how most of us will be spending that extra time. After all, who doesn’t want another hour’s kip?

Clocks go backSex
Or if you’re lucky enough to be in bed with someone you fancy, indulge your dreams in a different way.

Just to avoid any confusion: The clocks will go back by one hour at 2am on Sunday 30 October. At 2am, the clocks will return to 1am as British Summer Time ends for another year.

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