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Attack of the Thrill the World London Funky Zombies

Posted at 10:00 am, October 29, 2011 in Music & Nightlife
Zombie dance off Piccadilly Circus

Thrills and spills are guaranteed at Saturday 29 October’s Thrill the World zombie dance-off. A flash mob of London’s most energetic undead will descend on Piccadilly Circus for the sixth annual Thrill-er Night. Luckily for those who live out of town or have zom-babies to tend, there’ll be two ‘Thrills’ scheduled at a civilised 3pm and again at a more raucous 2am on Sunday morn. Beware of premature shape-shifting though, as the second dance straddles the time shift from BST to GMT, when the UK turns back time and ushers in the winter chill. There’ll be added frills in the form of an afternoon tea party to refresh creaking limbs after the 3pm session and a day-glow disco in the evening will warm up ‘the funk of forty thousand years’ before the final act at 2am. In true King of Pop style, it’ll be an event of global proportions with grizzly ghouls from every tomb gathering in Paris, New York and Munich. It’s what he would have wanted. Kirsty McQuire

For info, see Thrill the World listing.

Zombie dance-off at Piccadilly Circus Zombie dance off Piccadilly Circus Zombie dance-off Piccadilly Circus

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