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‘Obsessed with London’ blogger Drisk reveals his top 5 secret London spots

Posted at 10:00 am, October 30, 2011 in Secret London, Top 5

Upstairs Bar & Restaurant 89b Acre lane London SW2 5TN InteriorLast week we heard about five charming hidden London locations from Kieran Meeke of Secret London, and loved them so much that we had to find more. Thank goodness for Obsessed with London‘s Drisk, who has told us about his five favourite London spots, and explained why they’re so wonderful.


‘This is a great little French restaurant (pictured above) that you could walk past a thousand times and never realise it was even there – it has no sign and to anyone unaware looks just like a door to an apartment above a small café. The restaurant itself has the casual feel of a supperclub but serves the finest French cuisine.’

Lounge Bohemia

‘A while back now I became obsessed with finding the perfect bar to be able to have a proper conversation with friends but wanted to avoid the London private members scene. Lounge Bohemia has all of the perks of a private members’ bar (I’m not talking about keeping the ‘riff raff’ out) without actually being one. It doesn’t come with a membership fee, entry criteria or even a hint of snootiness from patrons or staff, all you do need to do is book ahead and what you get is great drinks in a comfortable bar while you relax and talk (not shout) to friends.’

Isabella Plantation at Richmond Park

‘I was lucky enough to grow up around Richmond. I remember feeling a sense of achievement, having ridden my bike up Richmond Hill and all through the park, when I found the Isabella Plantation. Ever since, as clichéd as it sounds, it’s felt a little like my own private garden. It’s a great place for either a winter walk or a summer picnic.’

Rose Bakery at Dover Street Market

‘Rose Bakery at Dover Street Market isn’t your traditional ‘secret spot’ – it makes no effort whatsoever to hide itself. It is, however, placed at the top of what some might consider an intimidating fashion store. It manages to stave off the busy queues through the virtue of DSM having a pretty small lift, steep stairs that sometimes feel like they will never end and a fear of inadequacy instilled by such trendy surroundings – my feelings of inadequacy extend beyond the store so it makes little difference to me. The coffee’s good, the cakes are great and you can sit and day dream about what it would be like to be able to dress everyday in Junya Watanabe.’

Notre Dame de France

‘I’ve never really been a fan of churches. I mean, I love stained glass and gothic arches as much as the next guy, but honestly they creep me out a little. There are a couple of things about Notre Dame de France that sets it apart, however. The first being that it gives you a chance to escape the horror that can be Leicester Square in favour of truly peaceful surroundings. The second is that it hides a spectacular Jean Cocteau mural – although be sure to just smile, nod and quickly walk away if anyone carrying a copy of the Da Vinci Code attempts to talk to you about conspiracy theories.’ Ashleigh Arnott

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