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Ghetto fabulous: The Boombox Project

Posted at 10:00 am, December 1, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment

Remember the days when people shared mix tapes, break-dancing was an outdoor activity and the streets were a club? Ok, so that might have been a scene from an 80’s New York film but if you can cast your mind back to before walkmen, discmen, mp3s and iPods, boomboxes were the only way of having portable music. Most iconically remembered alongside MC Hammer pants and worn on the shoulder for rap battles and freestyling with your homies, the boombox has become a musical icon and now Lyle Owerko is exhibiting them in all their bass-pumping glory. Photographs from his book ‘The Boombox Project’ will be on display at XOYO from December 1 (to January 15) and at the Whisper Gallery from December 8 (to January 15). The V&A have already snapped up a pic for their permanent exhibition so go down and get yours. Jemma de Blanche

For info see xoyo.co.uk and The Whisper Gallery

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