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Russell Kane pops in to Time Out Towers

Posted at 3:00 pm, December 7, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment

Ben and Russell in Time Out towersAhead of his gig at the Hammersmith Apollo on Sunday, mega-quiffed Edinburgh Comedy Award-winning comedian Russell Kane stopped by Time Out towers earlier today for a quick Twinterview. You tweeted us your questions, we put them to the severely jet-lagged comic (54-hours on planes back from Australia!) and he answered. Here’s the Q&A in full.

Of all the possible careers, why did you want to be a comedian? (@61Tweets16)
I didn’t. I started it as a dare, then a hobby & it just got out of hand. I’d never even seen a live comedy gig.

Russell, you really do have quite luscious hair. What’s your secret? (@clacktastic)
My hair is annoyingly thick; more volume than a pensioner’s telly. Just got very very thick hair. Hence the do.

Tours must be tiring. Have you ever passed out/been sick/soiled yourself on stage out of exhaustion? (@youngaloid)
I’m absolutely f*cked. I’ve just flown 54 hour including delays. Sometimes I just cry with exhaustion. Weird eh?

Both of your names can be pronounced as a verb. How does that affect your daily life? (@JonnieWilks)
It means I can pun more readily if need be.

Who is your favourite comedian at the moment? (@DJKILLERB)
Probably Lee Mack, Daniel Kitson, or Stewart Lee.

What advice would you give to aspiring comics? (@juliafernandez)
Pick up a Time Out & find the ‘Open Mics Allowed’ gigs. Do three a week for three years. Good luck. Simple. Just tell you funniest stories btw. The ones that make your mates laugh.

Do you like burritos? (being greedy, asking another question) What’s the best burrito filling? (@mellerdboots)
I love ’em! But I’m pescawankian, so it would have to be some sort of cod or salmon.

Who inspired you to be where you are today? (@Rebeckaaaaaaaaa)
Inspired? No one. I just worked hard at something I enjoyed. All my heroes are writers: Waugh, Flaubert etc.

What was your first job? (@Lorahbethxo)
Door to door seller of vacuum cleaners.

Who do you think should’ve won this year’s I’m a Celeb? (@VikkiMizon)
I think Dougie was worthy. What a nice bloke. He or Mark were for me the nicest two.

How did you get into presenting? (@Lorahbethxo)
Once I got a following as a standup, I went for a screentest to do the Celeb show. Job interview basically.

Who’s the funniest person you follow on Twitter? (@clacktastic)
Top Twips.

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