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Learn how to make your own booze at the Alcohol Alchemy Academy

Posted at 1:30 pm, December 10, 2011 in Food & Drink

Alcohol Alchemy AcademyThe super-hip Protein agency are hosting their inaugural ‘academy’ on 13 December, focusing on all matters drink-related.  The event will be one part chin-scratching and crystal ball gazing as they lead a forum on drinks trends and movements, one part exploration of making your own booze and a workshop based around independent brews and tipples, and large parts drinking and making merry with likeminded cocktail and beer fanciers. There will be some talks around the subject of booze, with speakers such as Sabine Marcelis, a designer from Design Academy Eindhoven who created the Housewine project, which is the beautiful home DIY wine kit pictured above, and Alex Kammerling, the man behind the new eponymous spirit, Kammerling’s. The four-hour event costs £30 a head for all food, drink and imbibing knowledge gained.

For info, see prote.in/feed.

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