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Let your imagination run wild with five fictional Londons

Posted at 8:15 am, December 10, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment
Will Self, Book of Dave

As much as we love this fair city, sometimes we all fantasise that London was a different, magical, fictional place. Good to see that we aren’t alone in our musings.

1. Londongrad: ‘Comrade Dad’  (1986)
Short-lived sitcom starring George Cole and set in London after a communist invasion. Was cancelled after it was taken over by events, ie the complete collapse of communism. Watch it now.

2. Brit-Cit: 2000AD comic (1980s – present)
England’s answer to Mega-City one, this megalopolis has distinctive London landmarks such as New Old Bailey, Bigga Ben, the Battersea Mutants Home and the Isle of Old Dogs.

3. Nú Lundun: ‘The Book of Dave’ (2006)
Will Self’s phonetic and splenetic Mockney masterpiece starts in an old London buried beneath flooded waters and ends at Nú Lundun, rebuilt near Nottingham.

4. Everytown: ‘Things to Come’ (1936)
Alexander Kord’s film based on HG Wells’ novel featured a version of London caught up in a decade-long war during which it is destroyed by bombs and poison gas. Watch a clip now.

5. Un Lun Dun: ‘Un Lun Dun’ (2007)
Fantasy novel by China Miéville set in alternative city called Un Lun Dun populated with things that people in London throw away and accessed through a door on an estate in Kilburn. (Not to be confused with ‘Woody Allen’s London’, which is supposed to be our London, but is completely unrecognisable to anybody who lives here.)

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