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Insider info: Time Out and about this week

Posted at 4:00 pm, December 12, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment

No, we aren’t sure how is it already Monday again either – high time to start planning fun and frolics for another week. To give you some inspiration, here are a few ideas of what the Time Out online crew will be getting up to…

Joy of Sketch

Tom Young – Laughing at The Joy of Sketch
‘I’m going to the Time Out Live event tonight. This is high quality sketch comedy which makes a change from the previous sketch comedy I’ve seen (it has been horrendous). That said, bad sketches are still hugely entertaining and I hope there are equal amounts of laugh-till-you-sick-in-your mouth moments and points where the performers just want to curl up and be dragged off stage without anyone noticing. Love it.’

Columbia Road

Abigail Lelliott – Browsing at Columbia Road shopping night
‘No flower market at this late night opening on Wednesday (5-9pm) means the shops become the main attraction for Christmas present buying. One present for them, one for me, with some yummy calamari from Lees Seafoods (134 Columbia Road) washed down with some mulled wine.’


Melissa Rauff – Watching ‘Margaret
‘I’ll be seeing the highly-anticipated ‘Margaret’. The film was shot in 2005 however a lengthy post-production turn legal battle means Kenneth Lonergan’s indie flick has only recently hit London cinemas. Fingers crossed the film exceeds all this hype.’

Duckie Christmas Fair - © Robin Whitmore

Liz Darke – Perusing the Duckie Christmas Market
‘I’m intending on browsing Duckie’s Christmas Market held in the foyer at the Barbican until 30 December. Supposedly filled with one-off indie stalls selling jewellery, artwork, clothes and general festive garb, the market should be a good place to grab some last minute Christmas presents. Hosted in conjunction with Duckie’s Copyright Christmas, a Christmas variety show (which I may or may not attend…), I’m hoping to scoop some pretty jewels for my mum, a quirky second-hand gift for Secret Santa and some serious Xmas shite for relatives whom I hate.’

You Me Bum Bum Train

Sonya Barber – Volunteering on You Me Bum Bum Train
‘Having taken an amazing ride on the theatrical wonder that is the You Me Bum Bum Train last week, I now realise just how many hundreds of people it takes to put on such an incredible show. They need all the help they can get so I will be spending an evening volunteering in one of the scenes, which looks like it will be almost as fun as taking the ride itself. Come join me!’

What are you getting up to this week? Comment below and let us know where you will be painting the town…

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