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London’s square mile transformed into a work of art

Posted at 2:00 pm, December 13, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment

London’s square mile; a great expanse of concrete and glass, isn’t initially the most inspiring of platforms for creative art. Development and disaster relief charity Article 25 took the task of dividing the city into 10 x 10 grids and allocating each to one of 100 prominent architects or designers to create a work of art. The creations were auctioned at Sotheby’s on 1 December and raised over £60,000 for Article 25 projects.The artists, including Michael Squire, Tim Makower, Norman Ackroyd and Kevin McCloud among others, admitted that once they spent time in their allocated grid the hidden beauty of our capital that is often taken for granted, unveiled itself. We never doubted the creative potential of this fair city. Jemma de Blanche

For info, see article-25.org.

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