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Secret tip: where to buy Heston Blumenthal’s sold-out Christmas puddings

Posted at 12:30 pm, December 13, 2011 in Food & Drink
Xmas Pudding © Shalinee Singh

If you want a bit of Heston magic in your Christmas spread this year but refuse to pay the sky-high eBay prices for his pudding containing a whole orange (I’m sure it tastes less good when it costs £300), make friends with your local Waitrose staff. Many branches are expecting further deliveries before Christmas and the staff in the Oxford Circus branch generously told me when their next delivery would be. As it happened, I was lucky enough to stumble across several shelves’ worth of puddings in the branch at Westfield Stratford City, but adventurous eaters have apparently been clearing the shelves in the short space of one hour after delivery. Be quick, and keep the information close to your chest. And yes, that means I’m not telling. Shalinee Singh

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