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Top five London bollards

Posted at 6:00 pm, December 13, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment

Bollard Map created by mappinglondon.co.ukCall us geeky, random or whatever you like, but in our view, the bollard is an all-too-often overlooked feature of the London streetscape. Designed to control or direct the flow of vehicles, pedestrians and canines, these natty little pillars can be found dotted across the capital, as you can see in the Bollard Map of London (above). Their astoundingly diverse appearance is a testament to the ever changing look of our beloved city. We asked John Kennedy, London cabbie and author of the brilliant ‘Bollards of London’ blog, to name his top five…

top 5 London bollards © John Kennedy1 – Houses of Parliament Bollard, SW1
‘I found this bollard on the Parliamentary estate after I dropped the speaker’s wife, Sally Bercow, off in my taxi-cab to her residence in the Palace of Westminster.’

top 5 London bollards © John Kennedy2 – Brockley Cross Bollards, SE4
‘What a mess but in an odd way what beauty – a real confused urban scene.’

top 5 London bollards © John Kennedy3 – Abbeyville Road Bollard, SW4
‘This one, spotted in Clapham, wasn’t always a bollard but it is now!’

top 5 London bollards © John Kennedy4 – Hans Town Bollard, SW3
‘Dating back to 1819, this piece of local Chelsea history can be found around and off Sloane Street in the area known as Hans Town.’

top 5 London bollards © John Kennedy5 – Policeman Bollard, SW1
‘The policeman bollard is on Gerald Road, SW1, outside a house which used to be a Metropolitan Police Station.’

For more bollards, check out bollardsoflondon.blogspot.com. And next time you chance on a bollard of note, take a photo and email it to john.bollards@gmail.com.
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