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Help! These Beatles gifts are fab four Christmas

Posted at 8:30 am, December 14, 2011 in Music & Nightlife

The Beatles shopWhere would the music world be without Abbey Road? The smart street in St John’s Wood doesn’t look much like the kind of place to kickstart a revolution, but the Georgian townhouse at number 3 has seen a slew of classic albums evolve within, the majority of The Beatles’ back catalogue to name just a fraction. Their last studio album was famously named after the property, hence the never-ending queue of fans lining up to recreate the level-crossing cover, local bus schedules be damned.

Why are we blogging about Abbey Road today, then? Well, as we reported earlier in the year, 2011 is the 80th anniversary of the grand old building’s opening, and in celebration they’ve launched a small line of outfits and knickknacks in time for Christmas. The Abbey Road online shop is stuffed full of techie motifs and in-jokey t-shirts (the ‘8 track mind’ tee ought to keep your dad chuckling for the remainder of the Christmas holidays), ideal stocking filler for the Beatlenut in your family.

Not that anything actually has the moptops emblazoned on it (or fellow Abbey Road band Pink Floyd, for that matter) – we’re thinking stingy copyright laws got in the way. There is, however, a little stash of Beatles and Floyd box-sets up for grabs, including a very snazzy Apple-shaped USB stick containing everything JohnPaulGeorge’n’Ringo ever did – far better than the usual mouldy old satsuma Santa has a habit of bringing. Jon Wilks

Get browsing at shop.abbeyroad.com.

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