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Bargain of the week: get 30% off your cab fare home

Posted at 5:00 pm, December 15, 2011 in News

Black CabYou’d be forgiven for thinking there’s a war coming – a war of the cab apps, that is. Since we reported on the Hailo app for iPhone last month, several others have pulled up and started the metre. Each have their own little bonus: Hailo seems to have a large part of the cabbie workforce on their books, while Taxi does a good job across the rest of the country, not focusing solely on the capital.

However, today’s Taxi App of the Week award goes to Black Cabs, which does all the usual tricks (locating the nearest cab to you and summoning it at the touch of a button), but goes one further by offering a very welcome 30% discount via their Going Home scheme. This makes use of the fact that the majority of cabbies live outside the capital and necessarily make the occasional journey home (believe it or not). If you happen to live in the same direction and your trip matches the driver’s home time, you get all those lovely percentiles off. Oh, and a travel tip before you download: 61 percent of London’s cabbies go home between midnight and 4am, which just so happens to be when most of Time Out’s readers stumble out of the club on a Friday night. Happy saving!

One other useful Black Cab factoid: if, at any time, you happen to be heading to the airport, the app makes use of the Addison Lee price guide to ensure that your fare is capped, meaning you won’t get stung by the inevitable London traffic. Can’t say farer than that, now, can you? Jon Wilks

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