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‘Londoners’ quote of the day: Dan Simon, the rickshaw rider

Posted at 3:30 pm, December 19, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment

‘The days and nights of London now, as told by those who love it, hate it, live it, left it, and long for it’. Craig Taylor has collected the voices of the city in his lovely new book ‘Londoners’. It is time to meet some other people who call this city home.

Dan Simon, rickshaw driver:

‘Great big hordes of men really late in Soho want a brothel or a strip club, they rarely want anything else. And then you get people that just want to eat out, they want a restaurant, a late-opening bar, they want a place they can buy cigarettes, they want a place you can buy cocaine. And then there’s people always desperate to get something off their chest, confess their sexual deviancies to you. Rickshaw-riding brought me into contact with a great deal of people, people that you would never normally meet. It gave me an insight into London which I think few people ever get. It was a very romantic time in my life. My relationship with the city was quite intimate. They were definitely my best years in London.’

From ‘Londoners’  by Craig Taylor (published by Granta, £25).

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