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Famous names born on famous days

Posted at 4:00 pm, December 23, 2011 in News

Birthday candles © Rob Greig

Birthday candles © Rob GreigThe New Year’s period should be a time of relaxation and celebration. But have you ever wondered, as you’re tucking into your turkey or getting ready for New Year’s Eve shenanigans, what poor women were giving birth on these days? Well you’re in luck – here’s your very own list of our own home-grown celebs that were born over the festive period.

Christmas Day
Sitting under a tree way back in 1642, Sir Isaac Newton was struck on the head by an apple (or so the story goes). Most notably, he explained the concept of gravity and is often considered to be the most influential scientist who ever lived. And he shares the same birthday as Jesus. And Dido. And Annie Lennox. Lucky guy.

Boxing Day
Learning to catch a ball is something many have difficulty in mastering. But not Frank Swift. Born in 1913, Swift played as goalkeeper for both England and Manchester City between 1933-49. Still playing top-level football aged 35, the multi-talented Swift then went into journalism. Puts us to shame. Born the day after Christmas and famous for his numerous stints at various radio stations including Radio 1, Capital FM, Virgin, XFM and Magic, Richard Skinner will also be eating leftover turkey in his birthday.

New Year’s Eve
Just one day before 1944, Sir Ben Kingsley was born. Kingsley – whose full name is actually Krishna Pandit Bhanji as he is of Gujrati descent, won an Oscar for Best Actor for his lead role in the film ‘Ghandi’. Born in the same year as Kingsley was another great British star – Peter Quaife, who went on to become a founding member of the 60’s band ‘The Kinks’. Quaife was the original bass guitarist for the band, which topped the chart with the smash-hit ‘You Really Got Me’ in 1964.

New Year’s Day
In 1879, in our very own Marylebone, E M Forster was born. Hugely popular novelist, Forster’s most famous texts ‘A Passage to India’ and ‘Howard’s End’ focus on themes concerning class and propriety and are still widely read today. On the first day of 1992, running out of the womb and on to the field was Jack Wilshere who was playing midfield for Arsenal at age 16. Other new year babies include London born actress Sophie Okonedo and having asked around the office, a fair few Time Outers will be celebrating too.

Happy Birthday one and all.

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