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How not to break your back and other ice skating tips

Posted at 5:15 pm, December 28, 2011 in Arts & Entertainment

Ice skating tipsT’is the season to be ice skating so here are our top tips to avoid a sore bum, broken leg and bruised ego. Remember it’s never too late to learn how to skate. Soon you will be gliding like this show off.
1. Firstly, let go of that barrier – holding on for dear life doesn’t constitute ice skating.

2. Don’t shuffle like you’re running on the spot. Push your legs away from each other slightly and increase the length of these as you become more confident.

3. Lean forward if you’re wobbly. Leaning back means a broken back. Falling forwards means cold hands and wet knees. Remember your gloves – and kneepads if you’re extra keen!

4. Stick your arms out to the side as if you’re flying, it will help your balance.

5. Don’t try to slow yourself down by turning your toes inwards. Instead, try to lift one foot and dig it in the ice at 90 degrees from your front foot.

6. For pros only – Once you’ve got the hang of this and are skating smoothly round corners by turning your skates slightly, try lifting your right foot (when attempting an anti-clockwise turn) and placing it over your left to increase your control.

What to wear?
Obviously you need to be warm. But you also want to look great too? Wear a floaty skirt (for the ladies) with opaque tights. Men, avoid skinny jeans as they may hinder your movement. Gloves are an essential. When choosing boots, go for the snuggest pair, as this will stop you getting blisters and keep you secure.

And remember: skating is a sport and so burns calories. For beginners, you’ll burn around 350 calories an hour, so go fast and have fun.

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