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Goodbye 2011, hello 2012

Posted at 8:30 am, January 1, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment

I Love LondonWell everyone that’s another year out of the way! And what a year it was – riots, royals weddings, protests and potential economic meltdown. However, true to form the city bounced back in spectacular fashion after every smack in the face and proved what we have always known that London is the most creative, most compassionate, most fascinating city anywhere on the planet. We may have problems, things may look bleak on the horizon but never forget a city is made up of one thing – its people, and Londoners are a special breed. What makes us different? What defines us? Well, I’d argue it’s our sense of humour. We may whine and whinge from time to time, we may not have that enviable, unflinching sense of ‘self-pride’ that other cities like New York exude but we do know how to take the piss out of ourselves better than anyone else in the world. So let’s celebrate that and laugh our way in to the new year. And what a year it’s going to be the Olympics, the Jubilee, unprecedented celebrations of Shakespeare and Dickens, some of the biggest art shows ever and the one we’re all most excited about in Time Out Towers – the return of the Muppets! Our slogan for 2012 is going to be ‘make the most of the city’ and we pledge we’ll do everything we can to ensure you all do just that. We love London. You love London. Let’s love it together. And if you’re ever passing by, pop in for a cuppa.

PS Our most inappropriate moment of the year? The morning before the riots started our Summer Nights issue hit the streets. As I sat in my office watching various parts of the city go up in flames that evening I regretted my choice of tagline that we’d used on the huge poster campaign to promote it which read in huge letters ‘Time Out London – Light Up the City!’ D’oh. Tim Arthur, Editor in Chief

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