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The end is coming (apparently) so look busy

Posted at 10:00 am, January 6, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment

Coffee Table Book of DoomYou hear that foul wind outside? IT IS THE BEGINNING OF THE END. Ok, so that isn’t strictly true but we have all heard the scaremongering reports of the Rapture predicted for 2012. In the spirit of all things gloomy, illustrator Steven Appleby and writer Art Lester have teamed up to create our favourite book of the year so far, ‘The Coffee Table Book of Doom’. Ever wondered about all the possible ways the world could cease to exist? All your questions will be answered (and hopefully not realised) with this handy book of pessimism and negativity. Whether it be cosmic, eco, medical, technological, religious or personal doom, this book will help you prepare and learn to live with the inevitable impending end. Bleak? yes, but pretty damn funny too. Time to face the future, feel the fear and laugh in its face. Sonya Barber

‘The Coffee Table Book of Doom’, Square Peg, £14.99.

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