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Liam Neeson: officially harder than a pack of wolves

Posted at 6:00 pm, January 8, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment

It’s been gradually picking up momentum over the past few months, but a series of Stateside screenings have pushed Liam Neeson’s latest, survival thriller ‘The Grey’, to the top of the must-see pile. As anyone who saw ‘Unknown’ can attest, Neeson’s unexpected career swerve into hard-man action roles hasn’t always been entirely successful, but this one looks like a stormer. He plays an oil driller whose journey home from Alaska is interrupted first by a plane crash, then by a pack of ravenous wolves, who stalk Liam and his team through the barren wilderness. It’s directed by Joe Carnahan, whose career path has been rocky at best (‘Smokin’ Aces’, anyone?), but this cracking trailer, which bears a remarkable similarity to 1997’s hugely entertaining Anthony Hopkins vs Grizzlies romp, ‘The Edge’, suggests he may have broken the slump. We’ll be reviewing ‘The Grey’ for its release on January 27.

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