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The wise words of Wiley

Posted at 12:00 pm, January 10, 2012 in Music & Nightlife

WileyGrime godfather Wiley has never been one to shy away from saying exactly what he thinks, whether it’s battling with fellow rappers like Professor Green, Jay Sean and Dot Rotten or telling everyone that Mr Hudson ‘lives up Jay Z’s and Beyoncé’s assholes’. But, as he prepares to release his new album ‘Evolve or Be Extinct’ next week (on a Thursday, not a Monday, like everyone else, of course) and resurrect his scene-defining club night Eskimo Dance on Friday, he’s got a fair few extra pearls for us all. Soak ‘em up, and then read the full interview, where he has given us an exclusive track, ‘High or Low’, to stream too. Listen now.

On how he’s changed:
‘I’m not scared any more. I wasn’t scared of people, but of the industry and fame. I started smoking weed at 21 to handle fame. I needed to stay calm, because I was worried about people going, “Oh my God, there’s Wiley, blud! Move to him!” and then stabbing me.’

On Chipmunk as a potential guest at Eskimo Dance:
‘Even though he would like to bust up an Eskimo Dance, he’d probably turn round and say: “Man don’t need to do Eskimo Dance, cos man done a tune with Chris Brown.” But if he did it, he’d make everyone flipping love him again.’

On the new generation of grime MCs:
‘A lot of them are sliding over to dubstep. They’re scared really. They don’t know what’s going on unless I’m showing them. I’m like a teacher writing on the board for them.’

On crossover grime hits such as Tempa T’s ‘Next Hype’:
‘That’s clown grime. I don’t hate it and I’m not dissing it, but it’s not clever. Something like Kano’s “Ps & Qs”: that’s a perfect grime song. That never charted. It’s just mad.’

On lyrical battles turning into street confrontation:
‘MCs: don’t act like you’re Saddam Hussein, cos you’re not.’

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