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Fix up, look sharp: our guide to preserving your clothes

Posted at 11:15 am, January 15, 2012 in Shopping & Style

First Aid Clothes © Rob GreigWant to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank? Try reaching into the back of the Narnia-like storage facility in the corner of your bedroom and digging out the crumpled, buttonless shirts, shoes with worn soles and unwashed, unkempt denim you’ve left to multiply for the last six months (try a year). Knowing as we do that London is steeped in tradition when it comes to tailoring, cobbling and alterations, we asked our favourite dandy, Alfie Tong, for his top tips on how to save an ailing wardrobe from the sartorial scrapheap, including the experts to note down in your Little Black Book and the fail-safe at home methods you can implement when you have what is commonly referred to as a ‘wardrobe crisis’.

For info, see our guide to how to preserve and protect your clothes.

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