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How to really get ahead of the Olympic Games

Posted at 6:15 pm, January 31, 2012 in News

Get ahead during the GamesNerds like me who are signed up for Transport for London newsletters had a lovely surprise in their email inbox today. A new transport planning site has been created to help Londoners and visitors avoid congestion and stress during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. It does so by highlighting the areas that’ll be most affected by Olympic Games traffic – both people and transport.

It’s pretty nifty actually and should be useful for those planning their trip to the games as well as those trying to avoid it. It also got us thinking about the best ways to steer clear of the crowds. Asides from never going anywhere near Embankment, here are our top ten tips:

1. Dig tunnels. Call it ‘the underground’.

2. Zorb everywhere. Have you ever seen a stressed Zorber?

3. Stay in the pub after work (until at least 7pm)

4. Stay at the office. We’re talking ‘Bring-your-bed to work week’.

5. Go on a long holiday.

6. Move to Watford. According to the site, it’s one of the safest places to stay away from the crowds. It’s also home to the Harlequin Shopping Centre.

7. Become an Olympian. There’s still time and you certainly won’t have to worry about that tricky change from the Northern to Jubilee line at Waterloo.

8. Invent teleportation. Again, there’s still time.

9. Work from home.

10. Close your eyes and count to around 7,257,600

How will you stay ahead of the games? Let us know your tips below. Tom Young

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