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The Resolutionists bring you an optimistic new year

Posted at 3:30 pm, February 1, 2012 in Arts & Entertainment

The new year brings with it new year’s resolutions. Most of us vow to sort our lives out in some way but alas the best laid plans of mice and men…you know the rest. The sooner we admit that most of these lofty promises are impossible to keep, the happier we shall be. Like the Resolutionists. In honour of our continued attempts at self improvement, Wilton’s cafe is exhibiting a series of illustrations throughout February, by local artist Stine Hole Mankovsky based on our ambitious Resolutions. Stine’s own new year’s resolutions; to do more sailing, cooking, piano playing, writing, filming and illustrations. Well at least she will keep one of those promises. In addition to the artwork, the launch tonight 6-9pm (Feb 1) features London Fields Radio shows from The Soul Report, Auteur Reporter and music from Chris Aliano. Start the month as you mean to go on, with a street party.

For more illustrations, see stineillustration.tumblr.com

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