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Sweeten up in Covent Garden

Posted at 12:30 pm, February 2, 2012 in Food & Drink

SugarSin © Rob GreigAnna and Josefin, two Swedish sisters with an infectious love of confectionery, have just opened SugarSin sweet shop at the Holborn end of Long Acre. The striking frontage frames a modern down-the-rabbit-hole interior: bright white walls with patches of bold colour, bulging columns and table legs, oversized picture frames and hot-air balloons floating ceilingwards. Large glass jars are filled with familiar boiled, gummy and chocolate-coated sweets. But there are also some unusual offerings: Swedish Fish, a fruity, pescatorial-themed candy; chewy jellies; Dumle, a soft toffee; plenty of Daim bars; and salt liquorice sweets flavoured with ammonium chloride. Yum! Elsewhere there are bags of own-brand pick ’n’ mix selections and jars of salted caramel, while an occasional Scandinavian stops by to pick up a tray of Aladdin chocolates, a box of Salta Katten (more salt liquorice) or a Plopp, Sweden’s number two chocolate bar. SugarSin also offer pre-theatre and pre-cinema discounts, which makes it worth a diversion before the show. Annie Lund

For info, see sugarsin.co.uk.

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