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Score your perfect drinking location with MatchPint

Posted at 10:15 am, February 4, 2012 in Technology

MatchPint‘Necessity is the mother of invention,’ explains Leo MacLehose, one of the brains behind MatchPint, a new website and forthcoming app that helps thirsty sports fans to link their two favourite pastimes. After graduating last year, Leo promptly put his mind to solving a regular problem for thousands of people – finding somewhere nearby with decent pints on tap and the big game on TV. The site couldn’t be easier to use. You can either tap in the game or sport you’re interested in, resulting in a list of venues on offer, or punch in your location and get a summary of events being shown. Inevitably, you can also sign in using Facebook so that your details will be stored  for your next search.

MatchPint is currently in its beta phase, with the accompanying iPhone app expected (for free) by February 9. In the meantime, the website is already working with around 500 UK pubs, 200 of which are located in London. Some 25,000 outlets regularly show sport in the UK, so the startup still has someway to go. But, as Leo says, there are four million people looking for somewhere to indulge in matches and pints every week, ‘so we’re certainly not alone in this problem.’ We’d raise a glass to that. Jon Wilks

For info, see Matchpint.co.uk.

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