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Alain de Botton’s controversial temple for Atheists

Posted at 11:15 am, February 5, 2012 in News

Despite giving the appearance of a man who has undergone monastic ‘tonsure’, Alain de Botton is about as atheist as they come. So much so that the Swiss born author of ‘Religion for Atheists’ has announced a new and bold plan to build a series of Temples for non-believers around the UK. Questioning why religious folk should get all the best buildings, de Botton has begun work on his first Temple – a huge black tower in the City of London.

Designed by Tom Greenall Architects and Jordan Hodgson designs, the tower will stand at a whopping 46 meters tall – a little under the height of Southwark Cathedral. Each centimeter of the structure equates to one million years on earth, with a millimeter band of gold at the base to represent mankind’s time on earth. Dedicated to the idea of perspective, notably the staggering insignificance of, the tower has caused a degree of controversy especially with prominent fellow atheist Richard Dawkins who suggested last week that a temple for atheism might not only be a waste of money but a contradictions in terms. Other people are more supportive of the £1 million structure, with 55% of people in a Guardian poll in favour of it.

What do you think? Comment (all the way) below…Alain de Botton, Image of the first Temple for Atheists, Shrine To Perspective, City of London, UK © Thomas Greenall & Jordan Hodgson

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