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Geek out at Social Media Week

Posted at 8:30 am, February 8, 2012 in Technology

Social Media WeekIt’s official: the geeks have taken over the world. While other memes get the occasional day labelled in their honour (Earth Day, Cumberland Sausage Day, Day of the Ninja – yes, they exist), social media has gone and garnered a whole working week – five days during which people all over the world will come together to celebrate the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and, err, MySpace (though probably not so much for the last one). Events take place between February 13-17 in Hamburg, Hong Kong, Miami, NYC, Paris, San Francisco, São Paolo, Singapore, Tokyo, Toronto and Washington DC, but it’s London that will lead the pack, staging some of the geekiest events yet conceived of by a human mind.

No, don’t turn and run! Geek is cool, remember? You can get the full list of events here, but for those of you with lazy fingers, we recommend checking out the First Ever Unruly Social Video Film Festival (promising ‘social’ films and fresh popcorn), the Social Olympics (sadly not a full-on thumbs work out; more a look at how the coming London Olympics will make history as the most net-connected yet) and the Fundraising Food Blogger’s Dinner Party and Supper Club Competition (the name’s a mouthful, but so is the event, which promises a virtual festival of recipes, food porn, tasty blogs and – wait for it – real food). Expect mass Tweetups and FourSquare hoedowns until you can ‘like’ it no more. Book now. Jon Wilks

Check socialmediaweek.org for updates.

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