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McCain jacket potatoes cause a stink

Posted at 10:00 am, February 10, 2012 in Deals
MCcain ready baked Jackets take to the streets

If Mad Men has taught me anything it’s that advertising is a shrewd business; never more so than with the McCain 3D fibreglass oven baked potato bus shelter campaign – what a mouthful. The company, who usually retail in frozen spuds have kitted out ten London bus shelters with 2 ft fibreglass potatoes for their latest publicity stunt. The smell of a jacket potato (the result of a three month collaboration with a specialist scent lab they claim) is unleashed at the push of a button, while a hidden heated element warms the giant spud. Unfortunately the aroma is reminiscent, not so much of a scrumptious freshly baked potato but more what you’d imagine the inside of a microwave that had once heated a McCains Ready Baked Jacket from frozen might smell like. Heartwarming homecoming treat, shameless advertising hook or prime vandalism opportunity, you decide. Check them out on Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street now. Didi Mae Hand

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