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Technology Will Save Us at Rough Trade East

Posted at 8:30 am, February 10, 2012 in Music & Nightlife
East September Lumiphone Workshop By danielhirschmann

It’s a bit late in the day for that, some might say, but it’s never too late to learn a new, practical skill that will save you money and enable you to point and proudly say, ‘Look! I made that.’ With hands-on, electronic DIY in mind, from this Saturday February 11 Rough Trade East is hosting a series of workshops where you can learn to design and build your own speakers, make a sensor that will detect when your plants need watering (Feb 22), construct an electronic greetings card (March 10) and rustle up a Lumiphone (a tiny toy instrument that sounds like a Theremin) from scratch (March 28). The cost per person ranges from £60 (speakers workshop) to £30 (Lumiphone). Book now and bravely solder on. Sharon O’Connell

For info, see roughtrade.com.

Thirsty plant by daniel hirschmannTWSU DIY Speakers at Rough Trade East by daniel hirshmann

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