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Sofa surfer: what to watch online this week

Posted at 6:15 pm, February 12, 2012 in TV

Our top five picks for viewing at your leisure on the t’interweb.

1. Britain’s Got Talent
With the new series almost upon us, vote here on the shortlist of youtube auditions. Ventriloquism, dance and self-delusion may feature.

2. Last interview with Dennis Potter
With BBC4 rerunning ‘The Singing Detective’ (Thur, 10pm, BBC4), Dennis Potter’s legendary last interview certainly bears re-watching.

3. Feed My Funny
BBC3 is soon to upgrade its web comedy offering, but there are still plenty of funnies to be had on the existing site.

4. Jackie Mason
His final West End run begins this week, so brush up on the legendary Jackie Mason with his excellent YouTube page of clips, skits and sketches.

5. Son of Babylon
Mohamed Al Daradji’s post-Iraq invasion drama ‘Son of Babylon’ (above) sees a woman and grandson in search of a missing relative. Available until Feb 12.

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