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Film screenings on the Central Line commute

Posted at 8:15 am, February 15, 2012 in News

SnaresbrookIf you happen to have been through Snaresbrook station during rush hour lately, you may have been treated to a film screening. To brighten up passenger’s commutes, the lovely station guard Malcolm Parker has been projecting his films of train journeys in a disused office on the westbound platform. ‘When I started last July, the office was so boring. I started putting up posters and projecting the films to cheer up myself and everyone else coming through the station’. The screenings currently take place every morning from 6.30-10am and 3-8.30pm (weds-fri) and show Malcolm’s home made movies including ‘Epping to Ongar’, the view from the front of the train on this line which closed in 1994 (on which he was a train guard). But this is just the beginning. Malcolm is also inviting people to submit films and art works to be shown in the space and he plans to get a black curtain to make the projection clearer. ‘Everyone who works here thinks I am nuts, but they are all very nice about it’, he says. If only other stations would follow his lead and give us all a cultural commute.

Take a ride out east on the Central Line to see the films and have a chat with Malcolm. Thanks to Annie Mole for the tip off.

Snaresbrook StationSnaresbrook StationSnaresbrook Station

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